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Babushka-Paaske » Babushka-Paaske Egg

Babushka-Egg.Russisk skønhed Soldt

Now decorated Easter eggs made with the use of traditional Russian lacquer are regarded as wonderful handmade crafts that can enrich your collection of Russian custom gifts. Since ancient times egg has served as a symbol of spring Sun that brings life, joy, warmth, revival of the nature, light and rescue from cold and snow. In other words it means coming from non-existence to existence. Sometime ago people presented their pagan gods with eggs or gave them to their friends and benefactors on the first day of a new year and on birthdays. The rich often presented golden or gilded eggs that symbolized sun instead of colored ones. Ancient Romans has a custom when people ate a baked egg before a festive meal, which meant a successful start of a new deal.